Considering the price and quality for super 8 conversion

It’s true that the super 8 films can be reliable back then, but today, the digital formats are safer and easier to be transferred and edited compared to the old super 8. Therefore, it’s the reason of why many people want to convert super 8 to digital for the sake of their old videos. This allows them to protect their videos better, while also have the more options to edit, store, or to transfer them.

However, the price of your conversion service affects the result greatly. As for the cheapest SD quality, it will only retain half of its former quality. This is the best choice for those who simply wish to save their precious videos into the digital formats such as MP4, AVI, and MOV without wasting too much money. On the other hand, the 4K will be the most expensive choice, but it will be definitely better than the super 8 format itself.