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Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Startup

Technology has grown so sophisticated, according to Intel founder Gordon Moore, every 20-24 months of technology will grow twofold, this theory is called Moore’s Law. So also with the world of marketing, always growing from year to year, with a variety of new products and new innovations. Of the many digital startups that stood lately, they all adopted digital marketing. The issue is, are all the selected strategies and digital marketing channels the best and most appropriate to achieve growth? In this article, I will share about seven kinds of digital marketing strategy. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to know which channel and which strategy is suitable to be applied at your startup.

Email is one of the oldest marketing channels. The first email appeared in 1971, the first spam even detected present in 1978. Then the email continues to grow until now we know the so-called email marketing. The best thing to get from email marketing is the cost that does not spend your savings. Yes, very economical. You can even use a local email marketing service provider to meet that need. Although email marketing is very effective, many still can not maximize this tool and strategy. Many startups who think by creating a cool web then visitors will come by itself. This is a big wrong thought. So many webs similar to your web in the same area and they also create a website that is not less good.

The challenge is how to make your web to be at the top when visitors or prospects look for us. Here the role of SEO or search engine optimization is important for your digital marketing strategy. SEO not only increases traffic to our web but also builds trust from users. SEO itself is a process and depends on a lot of the content that is on your web. Content marketing becomes a must for startups, not just because of the economic cost. Creating good content is the same as how you tell about your startup to everyone you meet. In addition, content marketing can last a long time. Why use content marketing? Because we can channel this content to different audiences.