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Some of These Ways Will Make You Do Not Want to Make a Mistake In English

Making a mistake in learning English is an unforgivable thing. But if the error is increasingly making your English skills doesn’t increase, then leave it. You are planning to continue your education abroad or even move to your destination country, you have to take the English test. For those of you who are planning to move to Leeds, England you can take the test at Trinity college leeds and set yourself the right test schedule with you.

But beforehand, you can train yourself to not often is greeting English in this way:

1. Give yourself good and expensive food every time you make a mistake. If you do this mistake often, then your money will run out just to buy the food, in addition, your weight will also continue to grow. You do not want to be fat, right?

2. Do not be shy to Follow Accounts that provide English Tips for free. You are usually ashamed to follow an account that can actually help you, right? then from now on, you must eliminate those feelings.