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Mistakes In The Gym

Some of us who go to gym or exercise in the gym, sometimes also do lift the bar. But we do not really take into account and pay attention to the little things that turn out to be important to them. Well, what about any errors that we usually do when doing gym?

– Lack of Rest Time

If you just focus on lifting weights regardless of your rest time, do not expect you to get optimal results. Remember, muscle growth occurs not when the muscles are used on the move, just when the muscles are resting.

– Do not Know Body Limits

Challenging yourself must be done, but you must also understand the limits of your body’s ability. Do not force yourself to lift more weight than your ability because overtraining can harm your own body.

– Forget Incorporating Foot Exercises in Exercise Program

Do not forget your feet as the foundation of your body. Your upper body is important, but if the upper body is beautiful and your feet are small, is it nice to look at?