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Coronary Heart Symptoms are often misinterpreted

Heart disease is the number one killer disease in the world. heart disease that is commonly experienced by most people is coronary heart disease. The coronary heart is a heart disease caused by narrowing of coronary arteries. This narrowing is caused by the presence of plaque attached to the coronary arteries. Some of the factors that cause blockage of coronary blood vessels include free radicals (may come from air pollution, electromagnetic radiation, and cigarette smoke), cholesterol, alcohol, or obesity. Symptoms of the coronary heart include mild symptoms, so its presence is often ignored and mistaken as pain in the midriff or ulcer. To avoid heart disease, you should take a reliable supplement that is Nitric Oxide that you can get at https://www.nitrosolution.com/.

No one ever knows when heart disease will come, but you need to be alert when these coronary heart symptoms exist in your body there is chest pain that includes coronary heart symptoms is a pain in the left side of the chest. Pain in coronary heart disease caused by less blood intake in the muscle. Even worse can be the seizures or cramps due to inadequate oxygen in the metabolic process. Often the blocked portion of the blood vessel is the LAD that goes forward and down the heart so that the patient will feel like being bloated or cold. When you feel this symptom immediately check to the doctor because it could be you are experiencing coronary heart symptoms.