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Indonesia Sea Will Face Serious Threats As a result of Waste

The Indonesian waters are now facing a serious threat due to the ever-increasing problem of garbage over time. If not addressed immediately, rubbish can threaten traditional, criminal, and natural aspects.

In order for the garbage problem to be resolved, it needs action directly from the country in ASEAN. That, because the waste in the waters of Indonesia, the origin can be from various countries in the world, especially ASEAN.

Given that it threatens the marine ecosystem of Indonesia, so now people are trying to overcome these problems as described in the article https://www.kompasiana.com/arnoldasyeradoe/5a2581b959b1302f586bf842/bebaskan-laut-nusantara-dari-sampah-plastik. Apart from that, here are some impacts of waste plastic in the sea!

Climate change
This is a form of threat in the sea that had never been realized by humans. Such threats, for example, the coral bleaching phenomenon and the rising sea levels that recently occurred in various regions of the world’s waters.

Coastal poverty
Plastic waste scattered in the waters of Indonesia is believed to cause unexpected adverse effects, namely poverty. The hypothesis is said because the plastic waste in the sea so far has caused losses are not small. In fact, reached USD1, 2 billion.