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Instagramable Cafe in Serpong that Must Be Visited!

There are many instagramable cafes that are not less cool than Jakarta. Surely, you will feel at home spending time there, because, in addition to the comfortable atmosphere, the interior as well as the appearance of food and drink menu so instagramable. Suitable to beautify your Instagram feed. Well to know more deeply about South Tangerang then you can directly visit the website


. Apart from that, here is some list of Instagramable Cafe in Serpong that must be visited!

Asagao Coffee House features a Japanese coffee shop theme. That’s what makes it different than any other coffee shop. Among the various menus available, such as Espresso, Americano, Latte, Mocha, and others, the most famous menu there is Kori Kohi + Vanilla Syrup. That is, the coffee served in a frozen form of cubes. To drink it, you should mix it with pure milk and vanilla syrup. Over time, the coffee will melt.

For you who like everything smells brown, you can stop by Kakolait Cafe located at Ki Hajar Dewantara Street, Ruko Golden 8 Block I No. 33, Gading Serpong. The interior is designed with a minimalist, modern, and dominated by brown colors, in accordance with the main menu is presented. Its appearance is so instagramable! In addition to chocolate drinks, Kakolait Cafe also provides coffee, tea, waffles, and others.