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The Digital Age, What Has to Impact on Visual A Movie?

In 1991 in one of the cinemas, witnessed the scene of the change of the unified liquid form and reshaped the T-1000 character in a battle scene of two cyborgs in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. At that time, the use of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is a new technology in the film industry, along with the start of massive technological changes in the digital direction. as a generation that grew in the late 80s and early 90s bears witness to the evolution of special effects on the visual of a film. If we talk about Hollywood movies, a change in digital form takes place in the early 90s. Because in 1980 very rare animation effects, if any, then you do not find it much. To re-watch the films then you can do it on the conversion by using our services that are super 8 film to dvd.

If in the era of 80an familiar with the term painting matte, stop-motion animation or miniature, then from the 90s until now we are familiar with the term digital matte, CGI, augmented reality or other terms. According to various sources, the movie Total Recall (1990) is one of the last films to use miniature in total, with the help of digital computers that are still minimal and limited use, reasonable because it is tailored to the development of computer technology at that time.