Two Explanations About This Science Can You Get in Al-Quran

All the science that exists in the world, usually created from books that ever existed, especially the holy book Al-Quran owned by all Muslims in the world. The Qur’an provides a great deal of information of knowledge that exists in the universe. Lots of verses that contain science and other scientific things. To learn all the verses contained in the Qur’an, man cannot learn it alone. For that, now you can learn it online at You will be mentored by a professional teacher and can teach you completely.

Some of the science that exists in the Qur’an is like

– About the Creation of the Universe
The universe, like the heaven of the earth’s dams, does not just appear. There is one substance that creates it and regulates it so it can move to this day. All things about the creation of the universe that can not be understood by humans are discussed in the Qur’an with a very clear and understandable explanation.

– How Human Is Created
God created man to fill the earth he had created first. Humans become the perfect creatures of God and are expected to keep the earth with good. All explanations of the creation of man are clearly written in the Qur’an.